The Scioto Valley Beekeepers is dedicated to assisting current and future beekeepers in Pickaway County and the surrounding areas in Ohio. Our mission is to promote public awareness of the benefits, necessity, and value of the honeybee throughout human existence.
This page was last updated: September 23, 2018
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Have a swarm in your yard? 
Click Here for a list of local beekeepers that can help.
The Poyner bee yard during a light rain. In the middle left hand side of the picture you can see a bee flying.
Bill Huhman's awesome picture!
Marty Smiths English Garden Hive
Not where the swarm was supposed to be.
A swarm moving into a swarm trap.
A beautiful swarm. Photo by Desiree Poynor
New beekeepers learning how to install package bees. Their bee suits will never be this white again. 
President: James Barr
Vice-President: Louise Adkins
Secretary: Carolyn Snoke 
Treasurer : Tina Bobek
Trustee : Danny Huff
Trustee : Marlene Chilcote
Trustee : Peggy Shaw
Membership: Marie Crawford
Founder : Arnold Crabtree
Beekeeping School Instructor : David Crawford
Website: Danny Huff

The Scioto Valley Beekeepers displays this information as a guide for beekeepers in Central Ohio and should be adjusted for other climates and situations. In addition, the information and opinions contained herewith do not constitute or represent the recommendations or opinions of the Scioto Valley Beekeepers or its officers, directors, or members. No liability, whatsoever, is or will be assumed by the Scioto Valley Beekeepers, at any time, now or in the future, as the information contained on this site should be used at your own risk.
Contact us via email:  sciotovalleybeekeepers@yahoo.com

National Geographic Your Shot   accepts Scioto Valley's own Matt Woida's photo   on Honey Bee Queen Supersedure   (click for the link)

Congratulations Matt!

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October 17 - 20, 2018