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Honeyrun Farm
Honeyrun Farm is a small family farm located near Williamsport, OH. They produce pure, raw, seasonal honey, handcrafted soap, beeswax candles, and fresh cut flowers.

Williams Honey Bees
Williams Honey Bees are located in the Frankfort, OH area. They produce Nucs, Queens, and Honey.

Conrad Hive and Honey
​Your Central Ohio Beekeeping Supply Dealer

Beekeeping Links:

Dr. Jim Tew is a world-known expert on honey bees and a friend of Scioto Valley. 
 Jim Tew

OSBA has created informational videos for all levels of beekeepers: 

The OSU Bee Lab site has many points of interest for beekeepers as well as gardeners researching plants for helping feed the bees.  The Phenology Calendar will tell you by zip code, plant information.

Varroa Management from the Honey Bee Health Coalition

American Beekeeping Federation

The Bee Informed Partnership is dedicated to working with beekeepers to better understand which management practices work best.

National Honey Board

Bees Hornets and Wasps of the world