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Have a Swarm of Honeybees?
Call a local beekeeper to safely remove the bees from your property.

Moida, Matt - 614-209-7841

McCathran, Ron - 740-983-0938

Donahue, Lee - 740-708-1025

         Canal Winchester
Conrad, Barry - 614-837-3899
Kelly, John - 614-519-3636
Kitts, Heath - 740-727-9270

Gray, Philip - 740-775-0358
Huff, Danny - 740-993-9143
Kauffman, Greg - 740-772-1885

Adkins, Louise - 740-225-6048
Clark, Bob - 740-412-1342
Crawford, David - 614-440-6536
Grant, Dan - 740-412-2545
Keller, Barry - 740-477-2929
Kramer, Bill - 614-348-1544
North, James - 740-474-8018
Shaw, Peggie - 740-649-7444

Jones, David - 937-689-3070

Williams, Chris - 832-784-6518

Grove City
Stoer, Candy - 614-305-3773
Harwood, Dick - 740-332-6344

Dunham, Matt - 614-562-0909
Crow, Brian - 614-286-9863

Claffey, David - 614-204-3804
Jude, John - 614-371-6449
Snoke, Gary - 614-207-2450

Butcher, David - 614-778-9414

Washington CH
Davis, Bill - 614-679-9672

Barnes, Isaac - 740-225-2462


Bee Hives inside a structure (tree, house, etc.)
​ Bee Hives in a structure take a lot of work and time to remove. Removal often leads to a queen-less colony and a colony that must be babysat before winter. Because of the amount of work and uncertainty of the colony health there is generally a fee involved with this job. It is far easier for a beekeeper to expand their operation by splitting their own hives vs removing one from a wall or tree. 

Gary Snoke- (614) 207-2450
Louise Adkins (740) 474-7086
Tom Barnitz (740) 701-0420

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